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  • Inquiries

    Starting tet is simple as clicking the upload button on your dashboard. The system will automatically optimise and create a working environment for every translator. We welcome inquires via telephone or email.
  • Unlimited revisions

    Click username to select editor of the video. Once the initial editor is finished, Uploader is able to select another editor for double checks. This can be done as many times as necessary.
  • Export to any format, any time.

    With tet’s powerful server application, we provide exports to various formats. Revision, reexporting after being exported once is not expensive.

Online Tool

Intuitive functions that are non inferior to other software. tet is here to support every user and team.

  • Dashboard

    The dashboard is to organise videos, communicate with team members, and overall project management.
  • Editing

    Intuitive controls for a comfortable, natural work experience. The specialised editing screen has all functions needed for subtitling unlike other movie editing software.
  • Export

    Ability to export to Blu-ray for festival screenings, web content formats, text files used for online video services, and even to DCP format for theatrical screenings.
  • Communicate

    Communication is important for any successful project. Talk to your teammates via the native chat system, or use a third party app like Slack to get push notification on your mobile device.


tet is loved by organizations and companies of all sorts.

  • Film Festivals

    The Bicycle Film Festival, a New York born celebration of all films related to bicycles and the Image Forum Film Festival which values global art films have used tet. For film festivals, it is required to translate and subtitle short films and feature films in a short amount of time. Also, creating a file that is compatible for screening can be a hassle. With our Film Festival account, films can be exported to the Bluray friendly, H.264 format is possible. tet is able to reduce the stress of manually importing text files into video editing software.
  • Online Media

    Publishers of world renown fashion and business magazines have utilised tet. Recently, in preparation for a digital platform, a publisher was ready to translate their massive library of videos and tet has proven its easy management and translation. The team of translators split up to do a total of triple checks to brush up the quality of subtitles.
  • Beverage Brands

    Red Bull is a company that goes beyond the confines of a beverage brand and celebrates culture, art, and even extreme sports. For Red Bull, online videos are an essential way to connect to fans all across the world. tet was used during the Red Bull Airrace 2015, where videos that were taken at the event required translation, subtitles and export within hours.
  • Lecture Videos

    There have been countless localising opportunities missed for lecture videos sharing computer graphics techniques or about software. With tet, specialists in the field can check the translations at any time. tet allows edits at anytime which cuts the dreaded waiting period, and opens new doors for localisation.
  • Documentary Films

    tet is no enemy of video editing software but a reliable friend. In recent years, many great documentaries have surfaced. We think this is because of the unprecedented access to filming equipment and video editing software. tet supports films that have missed localisation opportunities.

Contact & Pricing

Feel free to contact us regarding translation inquiries or account set ups. In the case of translation inquiries, a tet account will be required. A staff member will respond with steps. The pricing of video differs depending on: length of video, display time of the subtitles, and content matter. Please be aware that depending on content matter, language, translation density, we may not accept inquires.



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